Our Grants

As part our mission, the Foundation may award Community Health Grants to qualified non-profit organizations in Cleveland County who seek support for innovative or needed programs or initiatives that address targeted healthcare concerns in Cleveland County and/or the social determinants of health.

These grants are awarded at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors and areas typically NOT funded include, but are not limited to:

  • Capital campaign requests
  • Debt retirement/deficit funding or expenses incurred prior to grant award decisions
  • Direct support of individuals (e.g. scholarships, hardship)
  • Duplication of existing programs or services by new organizations
  • Endowment funds
  • Travel and conferences
  • Publication of books
  • Projects that are typically the funding responsibility of federal, state or local government
  • Projects that promote political or religious views
  • Political or lobbying activities
  • Sponsorships or fundraisers

Grant Application Process

To begin the grant application process, grant seekers should download and review our grant application by clicking below.

The application asks brief pre-qualification questions to determine if your organization is eligible to apply for a grant. You will then be asked to provide:

  • General information about your organization
  • A narrative that summarizes the project, including the needs your organization aims to address, other partner organizations (if applicable), and how your organization plans to evaluate the project
  • Results your organization hopes to accomplish through the project
  • A detailed project budget and information about other funding sources
  • Supporting documents
  • A final decision about your grant is made by the board of directors. Your organization may receive full or partial funding, or we may decline to fund your project. You will receive notification of the decision via a phone call, email or letter.

If your grant is approved, within two weeks of the decision your organization will receive an award agreement to be signed as well the reporting requirements. Once we receive the signed award agreement, a grant check will be mailed shortly thereafter. Organizations that receive a grant are required to submit a report. This report helps to measure the impact of the program as well as to confirm that the funds granted were used for the intended purpose.

For more information or specific questions, please call the foundation office at 980-487-3787.

You can make a difference

100% of every gift to the Foundation remains in Cleveland County to further the Foundation’s mission of addressing and improving the healthcare needs of our citizens.

Donors may designate their gift to be used where the need is greatest (unrestricted) or may designate their gift in support of a specific program or initiative.  Your secure gift may be made by credit card by clicking below.